New website: Version 2023

I've left my various websites in neglect for the past few years, mostly due to not really needing them to be up to date, but with a large project I've got going for my web business right now I figured it was finally time to get back to some serious web development.

That's where comes into play, since it has always been my testing grounds for web development, nearly every version of this website I've ever made has been entirely hard coded from the ground up with all of its features being products of my own development.

This new version of the site has been designed for over a year and mostly been a place holder, but I'm finally developing it out to be a full website again!

This new site will have photo galleries as a place to showcase some of my photography collection that I've been taking for over 15 years.

Additionally this website will a hub of information about my businesses and where you can learn more about them!

Stay tuned right here for more developments and have a great day!